Monday, 4 November 2013

My Favourite Trilogys

 In 5th Place - HUSH HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick
Hush Hush follows the story of Nora and ordinary girl who meets a mysterious boy by the name of Patch. This is a story of fallen angels and immortals.. I fully enjoyed these books and would really recommend you give these a go.

In 4th Place - Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Delirium is set in the future where love is classed as a disease, and follows the story of Lena and Alex, not much else i can say other than read it!

In 3rd Place - Starcrossed by Josephine Angellini
This book has everything you could want love and greek mythology what else is there?
This follows Helen and Lucas.. such a brilliant trilogy i dare you not to fall in love with Lucas!

In 2nd Place - Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
These books need no introduction, amazing so much better than the films and i would urge you to read them!  Come on Edward and Jacob what else does anyone need?! 

And 1st Place - THE HUNGER GAMES!!  by Suzanne Collins 
I adore these books, i think a huge part of it is the fact i can relate Katniss, shes strong, beautiful and protective.. and this book show the strength of human survival. I think everyone should read these books.. 
'May the odds forever be in your favour.'

What are your favourite books? 

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