Tuesday, 12 November 2013

MUA Luxe Lips in FUNK

Hey Guys, 
My younger sister picked the MUA Luxe Lips in FUNK up for me the other day, as it was new i didnt have it (She knows me so well) I first tried it on that night, and i was so excited as Fushia is my favourite colour to wear on lips, and really suits me. First i was really impressed, as it drys as matte, velvet like texture, which i loved at FIRST!  
As you can probably tell that changed on Saturday night, as after about an hour it started to become bitty and rolled up on my lips, also all the middle part of lips had no colour on after one drink. 
So overall lovely to wear it your not going to eat or drink and you might want to keep a mirror close at hand also!!

Take care 

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