Tuesday, 5 November 2013

First Impressions - Bourjois Happy Light

You have probably seen this foundation and primer everywhere.. 
But there just wonderful.. Lets talk about the foundation first.
Its light as the name suggests and gives a lovely dewy glow without looking shiny the only issue i have with it at the moment is that the coverage isn't thick enough. If my skin was great right now, this wouldn't be such a problem. But me and skin have fallen out at the moment as i keep having huge breakouts. But that isn't anything to so the foundation, and when my skin clears up this will become a firm favourite i'm sure. 

The primer on the other hand is a god send as my skin is terribly oily, and make up has been known to just slide off my face. But this doesn't just keep my face matte, is keeps the make up on my face! What else can you ask for really? 
I love it! 

Take Care

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