Saturday, 31 August 2013

30 Beauty Tips in 30 Days! - September

Hey Sweeties, 
I've decided to do a little challenge and post 30 beauty tips in the 30 days of September .

The first will be up tomorrow.. so wish me luck and look forward to hearing what you guys think about my tips :) 

I'm also going to fit a back to school make up tutorial in the coming days.. 

Hope your all well 

Kerrie x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Breakfast Scrub.

This is my all time favourite scrub.. Smells just divine, and my skin so soft afterwards.. and I've tried alot of scrubs but this the only one I've ever repurchased. And of course i love Soap and Glory! Come on who doesn't?  and for £8 you do get a good size pot.. 

Also there is 3 for 2 on all of Soap and Glory Washing and Bathing at boots! 
I'll race you there! 

Kerrie x 

Definitely Sinful!

I've got myself more Sinful Colours..

These can all be brought from boots.. i'm personally looking forward to trying out Rich in Heart in the coming Autumn.. As Autumn and Winter is my Favourite time of the year :)

Kerrie x

The Power of Make up.

I am a great believer that make up can change the whole look of your face, for example just look at Kim Kardashian and her famous contouring.. and there are many video on Youtube showing you how to do this 

 I thought i would do a before and after shot for you, of myself with and with out make up to show you the difference. 

I don't use anything amazing, just these products below.. 

And these are just my daily products, which you see a full run down here.
But as you can see i'm not one of these blessed people who don't need make up lol . 

If you would like me to start a Youtube channel please let me know as i'm in two minds about doing it .. 

Kerrie x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Baby Lips....

So I've given in and joined the hype.. 

And i have to say i love it .. 
So hydrating and tastes so yummy.. But i can put my finger on what it tastes like so if anyone knows please comment below and let me know.. 
Get yours here - Baby Lips

Kerrie x 


My bookcase, no where near the amount of books i want! 
I'd love a library aha maybe one day eh? 

Currently reading Beautiful Creatures review will be up soon .. 

Kerrie x

Sally Hansen Haul!

Hello my lovelies, 
Sorry for the not blogging for a week or so, but i've been decorating :) Pictures to come.. 
So back to beauty, I've gone a little mad lately for Sally Hansen.. So here is some of the goodies I've picked up. 

  • The Purple and White my little sister found in Poundland!! Amazing right??
  • The Nail Growth Miracle really is a Miracle!! I am a terrible nail biter and this stuff is the only Varnish I've ever found that makes them look half decent.. 30% longer in 5 days! 
  • And last of all the Fuzzy Coat.. I brought this online as i thought it was a nail effect to go over another colour but it turns out its a nail varnish all on it own. and with three coats it gives a sprinkle find effect and i really like it! 

Kerrie x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Latest in Beauty (EDITOR'S PICKS)

I just ordered this today.. Thought i'd let you know as i super excited to receive it :)

Order yours today- here

Kerrie x

Honey Honey Honey

I am loving Honey at the moment.. 

Herbal Essences Bee Strong is the only shampoo and conditioner i have ever repurchased, it suits my hair perfectly, leaves it soft and incredibly shiny.. I can't recommend this enough specially if your hair is dull or damaged. 

Another honey product is the Burt Bees Radiance Body Wash, this just smells and feels so expensive and luscious, i just adore it. Also it leaves shimmer on your skin, and i think if you've just come back off your holiday with tan this would just be gorgeous. 

Whats your favourite products at the moment?

Kerrie x 

Today's Natural Make-Up Look

Today I chose natural make up look and i'm going to work you through how i achieved it. 

Hope your find this useful.. 

Would you like to see Youtube Video's of make - up application? 

Kerrie x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sinful? Definitely not!

Sinful Colors in Cinderella and Snow White, i'm yet to try theses beauties ...
But for £1.99 these are definitely a bargain.. 

Have you picked up any other colours? 
Let me know 

Kerrie x

Today's Make up using ELF

  • This is today's make up i used the ELF Hypershine Lipgloss in Vixen, which is quite sticky but isn't uncomfortable to wear at all. But you wouldn't want to have your hair done while wearing.But for £1.35 i haven't got a bad thing to say about it.  
  • I also used the ELF Eyebrow in Treat and Tame in Medium and i'm so glad i got the medium as i was thinking about getting the dark colour because as you can see my brow are very dark, but the medium fills them in perfectly and the Treatment part of this product does keep your brows in place while also leaving them smooth. For £3.75 full price its a great product and i'm sure will become a regular in my daily make up routine.
If you would like to see a full make up tutorial please let me know.. 

Kerrie x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Elf Lip Stain

I decided to pick this up after i saw a picture of a girl wearing the Red Carpet color of this stain. But i decided to get the First date colour as i find Pink more wearable on a daily basis than Red, and this hasn't disappointed at full price its £3.75 and i got it half price. 
The colour goes on evenly and you really can't feel it also it lasts all day I've just taken this off from this morning, and I've been eating and drinking all day, and cousin even commented on how long lasting it was. 

Overall a great product and for the price you really can't complain.

Kerrie x


So as you can see i went abit mad with the 50% offer they have on .. 
Which is still available... So get over there :) 

Ill be doing a full review on all these products.

Hope your all well

Kerrie x

Saturday, 10 August 2013

NSpa Hair Rituals

I brought it yesterday at Asda, and honestly its a wonderful product, i used it this morning after washing and conditioning my hair, your suppose to leave it on for 5 - 7 mins then rinse and that's exactly what i did, the product has left my hair super shiny and really well nourished. 
I've only used this once but the feel of my hair is amazing, and would recommend it. 

Kerrie x

Friday, 9 August 2013

Skittles Candle in Raspberry

Abit of a random post, but it smells so yummy I just had to tell you about it.. Another pound world  buy  And it was defiantly worth it. 

Kerrie x 

£1 Suncream

Just a quick post to let you know, i picked these up for a £1 yesterday in my local pound world, and i thought they were such a bargain i just had to let you know. And both being under 100ml makes them perfect for traveling, or just popping them in your handbag, while shopping or walking in the park. 
Absolute bargain ill think you'll agree.. 
Have you found any bargains lately? 

Kerrie x

Burt's Bees Grab Bag

I ordered this box of goodies on Wednesday and the arrived this morning, 
As i love Burt Bees body washes and body lotions but there out my price range, 
normally but when i saw this box and for £25 you get body wash, body lotion, 
hand cream, two lip balms and a lip gloss, I just couldn't resist. You can get yours -  Here

I will be doing a full review in the coming weeks :)

What's your favourite Splurge Brand?

Kerrie x