Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Today's Make up using ELF

  • This is today's make up i used the ELF Hypershine Lipgloss in Vixen, which is quite sticky but isn't uncomfortable to wear at all. But you wouldn't want to have your hair done while wearing.But for £1.35 i haven't got a bad thing to say about it.  
  • I also used the ELF Eyebrow in Treat and Tame in Medium and i'm so glad i got the medium as i was thinking about getting the dark colour because as you can see my brow are very dark, but the medium fills them in perfectly and the Treatment part of this product does keep your brows in place while also leaving them smooth. For £3.75 full price its a great product and i'm sure will become a regular in my daily make up routine.
If you would like to see a full make up tutorial please let me know.. 

Kerrie x

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