Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sally Hansen Haul!

Hello my lovelies, 
Sorry for the not blogging for a week or so, but i've been decorating :) Pictures to come.. 
So back to beauty, I've gone a little mad lately for Sally Hansen.. So here is some of the goodies I've picked up. 

  • The Purple and White my little sister found in Poundland!! Amazing right??
  • The Nail Growth Miracle really is a Miracle!! I am a terrible nail biter and this stuff is the only Varnish I've ever found that makes them look half decent.. 30% longer in 5 days! 
  • And last of all the Fuzzy Coat.. I brought this online as i thought it was a nail effect to go over another colour but it turns out its a nail varnish all on it own. and with three coats it gives a sprinkle find effect and i really like it! 

Kerrie x

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