Friday, 21 June 2013

Latest Haul !

I have been on a little spending spree lately, and here is a couple of the first arrivals..

This is a EOS lip balm, I've been wanting this for ages after hearing
so many good things about it.
I brought the Strawberry Sorbet one.. which smells really familiar but
i just can't put my finger on it.
EOS on ebay.

Another product I've been lusting after The China Glaze, 'For Audrey' polish for ages, and it hasn't disappointed. I love the creamy and thickness of China Glaze anyway, definitely one my favorite nail polish brands. And the 'For Audrey' colour is spot on with a Tiffany box.
For Audrey

I decided to buy this shower gel after a review i read on miss budget beauty, 
And i thought i have it, as its meant to help with blemishes on the body, 
and i suffer with acne on my back andi chest. So i will let you know how i get
on with it.

Citrus Mint Shower gel

This free sample came with the shower gel, and its of a daily moisturizer
which i'm really looking to trying, i'm really in-need of a new moisturizer.

Kerrie x
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