Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Uncanny - Apocalips & Intense Kisses

I've heard alot of bloggers saying that Intense Kisses by MUA was a dupe for Apocalips by Rimmel, but i don't think i was prepared for how close they actually are. I've owned both of this for quite a while and never actually realised, (the curse of being a blogger i suppose, so much make up!) But i found them in a drawer the other day and i couldn't believe it! 
Apocalips in Nova on the right
Intense Kisses in Lips are Sealed on the left.
As you can probably tell the Apocalips is a lot thicker but i think that actually works against it as its not very wearable and has been known to bleed. while the Intense Kisses is thinner and can be blended out to a stain i have found, and is a nicer finish on the lips. 
The Intense kisses is also a fraction of the price of the Apocalips. 
So not biased but go and get the Intense kisses you wont be disappointed. 

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