Saturday, 28 September 2013

September Favourites

So these are my September Favourites.. I haven't done one in a couple of months, with decorating and everything i just haven't had the time.. But here we go..
  • Starting off with Organic Surge Shine Boost Shampoo and Conditioner This makes my hair look amazing so healthy and shiny.. and its smells define! Get yours here On Organic Surge Website.. £5.99 each
  • My favourite shower gels at the moment are Organic Surges Citrus Mint and Sweet Blossom  both are so refreshing and again smell amazing!! Get yours here On the Organic Surge Website .. £4.35

  • Peaches and Clean from Soap and Glory i was a little bit in two minds about getting this because at full price at £8.00 its a lot of money if i didn't like it. But i shouldn't of been worried as i love it! So refreshing and its helping to clear my skin up.. Cause in the last few weeks its been terrible! Get yours here with a third off at boots
  • Another product from Organic Surge anyone sensing a theme? Its the blissful Daily moisturiser although i use it as a night cream.. because its a little bit to thick for my day cream  as my skin is so oily but as night cream its wonderful.. Get your here from Organic Surge for £8.49

  • I got this Super Shock Vivid liquid eyeshadow from Avon and its such a strange eyeshadow because its like actual liquid lol i got mine in Chromed Cocoa and its glides on lovely and colour is nice bronze.. Get yours online from Avon for £3
  • Vaseline Compressed Deodorant i like these because i can carry it around all day.  But Deodorant is all the same to me.

  • MUA Blush perfection is another product i was in two minds about getting because with it being cream i didn't think it would sit right on my face, with my face being so oily. But again i shouldn't of being worried. It goes on like a cream but almost sets like a powder. I got mine in Dolly you can get yours here and for £2 - Amazing!
  • Just another Baby Lips.. but my favourite is the Peach Kiss.. Gives just nice peachy colour, Get yours here

  • The Dove Nourishing Oil Care is such a welcomed treat for my hair. Just softens it up and adds shine .. also it smell amazing! Get yours Here
  • Botanics Mattifying Gel Cream is my daily cream and really does take the shine away, and really helps keep the oil away. Get yours here

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